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Pirelli PZero is a premium emotional sportswear brand driven by technology, inspired by Pirelli’s roots and contemporary collaborations.


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Pirelli’s classic tennis shoes are picked up by PZero and made even more comfortable and high-performance.

The tennis shoe has been a Pirelli classic and an important sport for the Pirelli brand. The white tennis balls in their signature cardboard packaging were for decades one of the most famous and iconic products of the brand. Just as the tennis shoes were.
They were also white, as dictated by tennis “etiquette”, with a simple and elegant design while also being sporty.
PZero has decided to pick up this style, making it more functional and comfortable while maintaining its clean and essential silhouette.
This is how the Club was born, a preview of the Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection available exclusively at the Corso Venezia Pirelli boutique.
The Club are calf leather tennis shoes with a box sole and entirely stitched to the upper. They come with a leather wrapped fussbett to ensure maximum comfort.
Set. Game. Match.

When the rain becomes an opportunity to express flair and style

Each piece in the PZero collection is made up of elements, materials and an allure, which ties it into the Pirelli DNA. This bolero jacket is inspired by the cycling world.
The Bel is tailored in strong nylon used by cyclists, which shields them from the rain without hiding their team shirts.
Thanks to the cut of the cut of the jacket, the drawstring, hood and grosgrain detailing the Bel is a feminine and sensual piece.
And wet weather, once again becomes an opportunity to express flair and style.

PZero’s classic style for summer. Destined to last.

From the birth of the PZero brand, the P-Rex style has been pivotal to the collection. To meet more contemporary needs, the engineering used to make the tires with a signature long P is applied to the shoes in order to create increasingly innovative shoes.
The result are high performances shoes in a comfortable design and are available in a vast selection to choose from: from bolder sneakers in crosta suede and fabric to more classic versions in rubberized calf leather or nappa leather as well as sober shoes in deep brown buffalo leather.
All the styles share are rubber sole with a radial pattern and the signature P at the side.


The classic ballerina shoe with that extra little touch.

The ballerina shoe is a must in any women’s footwear collection; it is a style that has become a timeless classic.
The quasi-childish image, both sweet and simple of a shoe that allows the foot to almost directly touch the ground is enriched in the PZero version with a leather sole and most importantly an original rubber heel that ensures stability and no unpleasant surprises.
The Charlotte is a ballerina shoe in ultra soft nappa leather or in fabric with a comfortable and flexible build, it is available in a selection of colours, from springtime green or yellow to the more sombre blue or black.

The exclusive Be Spoke experience, applied to Pirelli PZero.

Pirelli PZero has applied Be Spoke rules to its sneakers to make them even more unique and exceptional thanks to a traditional technique called reverse: the shoes are sewn on inside, like a bag then turned inside out and moulded into shape.
There is a corner for Be Spoke footwear at the flagship store on Milan’s Corso Venezia, where clients can select the colour of the laces, of the soles (available in 6 variations of tire treads used in Grand Prix racing) and of the leather. The materials can be selected from a special wooden cabinet with the help of specialised personnel.
The term Be Spoke dates back the beginning of the 20th century when English tailors on Saville Row increasingly confectioned suits to clients’ specifications. Nowadays the term is used to describe quality products that are crafted using traditional methods that require expert know how and represent the height of personalisation and the uniqueness of a product. The term is no longer limited to hand tailored suits, but is applicable to products that are crafted using the highest standards.
A unique and exclusive experience that can be discovered at Pirelli PZero’s flagship store in Corso Venezia 1, Milan.


To celebrate Milan’s Design Week, two styles of Biker Boots designed by Diego Dolcini will be displayed exclusively at the Corso Venezia Pirelli boutique.
The Biker Boots designed by Diego Dolcini for Pirelli PZero, available exclusively at the Pirelli Corso Venezia Boutique during Milan’s Design Week, are more than just boots, but the deliverers of a clear and specific message.
Dolcini’s Biker Boots for PZero are the answer for women who know how to balance their femininity with a demanding dynamic lifestyle. Diego Dolcini’s sense of style and Pirelli PZero’s unique materials come together and team glamour with practicality.
The Biker Boots designed by Dolcini are constructed entirely in PVC by injection molding. They are enriched with patent leather detailing and rubberised buckles. The upper is adorned with Pirelli’s classic star shaped logo and the rubber heel features the brand’s famous tire tread pattern.
Two styles of the Biker Boots will be presented exclusively for the Salone del Mobile: an all black version with patent leather straps, and a black model with matte straps and a white sole. The remainder of Diego Dolcini’s Capsule Collection will be available next fall.

Pirelli Waterproof Rain

Scott Campbell and Dainese for Pirelli leather jacket

Scott Campbell and Dainese for Pirelli leather jacket

Scott Campbell and Dainese for Pirelli leather jacket

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